And then to start again

It has been more than four months since my last post. I didn’t think long and hard before posting this photo or typing these words. Maybe I should have? Usually, after a long silence, it can be expected of our first words to be profound and thought-provoking. Alas. This is just a pretty picture that I felt best captured my past roughly 4 months in a new country…

Colour. In and out of focus. Moments of celebration and vague memories of expectations missing the mark. These flags were a gift to brighten up the dull dining hall of 36 girls living together. It has served its purpose, but it has also served so much more. It has also become an extra, very practical string for wet clothes that cannot be hanged outside in the rain. It has become a temporary anchor for a tiny spider’s home, only to break with the slightest breeze and then to start again.

It has become a memory of wonderful people who came and gave and then had to move on again. And then to start again.

Handmade. With love.




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