Art Kitchen – Complexboys

So Friday I heard it was time for Art Kitchen again… Since the start, I’ve been meaning to attend but every single time something else popped up or stole my time and I was unable to attend. But not this Friday! On an impulse with hardly an hour to kill, Patience, Chirlene and myself piled into the car and headed down to the old Fire Station or formally known as Museum Park to check out the latest talent in Pretoria. Complexboys performed and not only were they candy for the camera, they put on a pretty decent show! You can find them on Facebook.
Enjoy these pics! I look forward to capturing more artists with my Canon in the near future 🙂
Art Kitchen turned out to be the suger-coated cherry on top of an already-sweet lunch with friends I haven’t seen since the end of last year. Don’t miss the next Art Kitchen. Find them on Facebook and LIKE them!

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