South to South: Day 7 to Day 9

Boats that transport people and cargo between the ferry and the towns on the shore.

19 October – Day 7 | Lake Tanganyika | roughly 571km after Kigoma

This morning we slept late. And I mean LATE. We enjoyed a leisurely day on the ferry. As we cruised along, the vessel was often flanked by small rowing boats coming alongside from the towns and villages all along the shore. With every passing kilometer the ferry dipped deeper beneath the lake surface as Read More…

South to South: Day 6


Insert battery water here.

18 October – Day 6 | Kasama to Mpulungu, board MV Liemba and overnight on Lake Tanganyika into Tanzania | 203km

We were told that the ferry would only depart at 18:00 today. With 200km to go, we were in no rush this morning. By 09:00 we had finished packing and DW went to collect something outside… and… he… did…not… come… back..? Our Dakar was dead. Starter? Battery? Dead. Read More…

South to South 3: Day 5


As the temperatures increased with every kilometer, our clothing became more and more uncomfortable.

17 October – Day 5 | Somewhere before Kabwe to Kasama | 780km

We hit the road at 06:20. We really pushed hard today and after 12 hours of traveling, our prospects of catching the ferry on time were looking good. The further North of Lusaka we travelled, the more beautiful we found the scenery. White sand replaced the red sand and all along the road were pretty homesteads. Read More…

South to South 2: Day 1 – Day 4


Impromptu picnic next to the highway.

13 October – Day 1 | Pretoria to Ellisras, South Africa | 279km

We left Pretoria around 15:30. Four and a half hours behind schedule, but in high spirits. However, gliding on the highway we tried in vain to speak to each other on our brand new bluetooth headsets. Broken? Duds? What a let-down… Above the roar of the engine and the rush of the wind we were both involuntarily confronted by our own thoughts.  Read More…

South to South 1: Background and the Plan


On the 13th of October 2013, roughly around 16:00 I found myself on the back of a Dakar 650 heading North on the N1. I was sandwiched tightly in between the love of my life and an old Maties tog bag, four grapefruit and a tent. I can’t exactly recall the moment when I agreed to help fulfill this dream of De Wet, but with 5000km still ahead, it didn’t really matter at that point any more. Read More…

From South Africa to South Sudan


Stuck on the border of Uganda and South Sudan

In 2013, my husband and I took a Dakar from South Africa to South Sudan in 23 days. We’ve told the story on many occasions to friends and family and various acquaintances where there was an interest. During our journey, I kept a kind of matter-of-fact journal and took some pictures in passing. Read More…

We go swimming!

ccJuba gets hot. Not just a little, vEry hot and apart from the Nile river, there are not a lot of accessible options for most people living here to go for a cool dip. Unfortunately, for those not swimming very well, the Nile’s current is dangerously strong and often in the calmer areas, it is very dirty, so swimming can pose a risk to the uninformed.

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Tiny drops of colour

The aftermath of a whirlwind disheveling a rainbow is carefully redesigned by the creative hands of kids in South Sudan. Bead by tiny bead, they string them back together to form new inventions of colour to adorn the neck, arm or just for making those imaginings tangible.

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And then to start again

It has been more than four months since my last post. I didn’t think long and hard before posting this photo or typing these words. Maybe I should have? Usually, after a long silence, it can be expected of our first words to be profound and thought-provoking. Alas. This is just a pretty picture that I felt best captured my past roughly 4 months in a new country…

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Leon & Rika’s Wedding Photos

It was impossible to attend this wedding and not be creatively inspired! Bright and bold, a personal touch in every little detail – from the hangers to the cuff links! Leon and Rika got married on what should have been a rainy September afternoon. As I left Pretoria, on my way to Joburg, I drove out from under the clouds and into an absolutely beautiful Spring day! The photos speak for themselves – because of the great vibes of the bridal party, this was a fun, creative and relaxed shoot.
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