From South Africa to South Sudan


Stuck on the border of Uganda and South Sudan

In 2013, my husband and I took a Dakar from South Africa to South Sudan in 23 days. We’ve told the story on many occasions to friends and family and various acquaintances where there was an interest. During our journey, I kept a kind of matter-of-fact journal and took some pictures in passing.
Being in the process of putting a photobook together to preserve our memories for our kids one day (if they are interested), I’ve decided to tell this short story over the next few weeks on my blog. I will try to post a chapter about once a week. A visual adventure through eight countries – as in life, some days were boring and some were exciting. Every day, however, formed part of our combined history as a family. I hope you enjoy the ride with us!

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  1. Louis Susairaj Reply

    Hi Miemie,
    I would love to hear from you your adventur with your clences.


  2. Miemie Reply

    Hi Uncle Louis!
    Thank you 🙂 It was good to be with you in Juba, hope you are doing well and hope you enjoy the read.

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