Art Kitchen

Initially, when I decided five years ago to move to Pretoria, I have to shamefully bow my head and admit that I had a very stereotypical picture of this place. Snorcity coloured my imagination. It didn’t take long for my horizon to be expanded way beyond the confines of my Loftus-ingrained judgements about rugby and boerewors. Jip, in the end, it is this city that stole my heart, particularly the inner parts of this city. Especially the diversity of cultures, sub-cultures and random individuals I came across there.

It was in 2010 that I first set foot on the premises of the old fire station on Bosman steet, not knowing that I would end up spending a lot more time here, learning, observing, dreaming and creating over the next three years. It was here that I had the privilege of experiencing Art Kitchen in action. I’m not sure from where everyone popped out, but a creative pool of local artists used to gather once a month to perform, share and collaborate at the old fire station over some drinks and eats. And this is Pretoria??

In this gallery, I caught Complex Boys in action. Sadly, this was one of the final formal Art Kitchen events. Due to various reasons, it has ceased to be. RIP Art Kitchen. However, still alive and kicking and brimming with potential, is the old fire station and the faithful who still remain. Cinema nights and moonlight markets, don’t miss out on the urban regeneration happening on Bosman street.

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