Degenaar & Antoinette

Ah… people who live in my heart. I had the absolute privilege of photographing my cousin, Antoinette’s wedding. Seeing the whole De Jager family give their blessing to their beloved daughter and sister, and her new life ahead with Degenaar, and feeling the warmth of the Beukes family, we were aware of a deep presence of love, blessing and purpose surrounding the events of this day.

Along with all the tears of beauty and happiness, deep words and moving moments, family weddings are also of course the most fun! Especially on the dance floor! Everyone had a go, from the individual dance-off between the 3 Beukes brothers and the 4 De Jager brothers to the line-dancing rukking hand-uit with young and old alike.

Blessings to this dynamic new husband and wife as they take on new adventures together in Mozambique!

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