Gerhard & Retha-Marie

My husband and I drove many km’s for this wedding, only to repeat the same trip again one week later. But it was so worth it! The Midlands remain one of the most beautiful areas in our country. Rolling green hills.

This was one of those pretty weddings where every table and all the decor betrayed a personal touch of creative love. Guests enjoyed a whole weekend of festivities with the bride and groom. We joined in on the big day and as I observed the skies throughout the morning, I sent my prayer up along with all the guests that the rains would wait untilĀ after the photoshoot!

However, as we left the ceremony, big fat drops of rain splattered against my windshield… It was still a few km’s to our destination and the prayers continued with intensity. And sure enough, when we stopped for our first shoot, the rain stopped with us! What a great God he is, not only did the rains pause while we did the shoot, the clouds created the perfect lighting and everything had a freshness to it.

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