Skaters at City Hall

Saturday around 11:00… first two guys… later another… still later four more… then come another 3… As the afternoon ripens the community of skaters grow at City Hall, or the Hall as it is better known. I was supposed to meet Cameron at 11:00 to get some cool shots but somehow we missed each other in our communication and I stood alone counting my fingers. That’s when I noticed other skaters arriving. 
Thanks to all the guys who allowed me to photograph them! Seems there’s a vibrant skating community in Pretoria and I just can’t get enough capturing them – coolest movement, colour and action shots – dance moves frozen in the air.
Thanks to Ncardo, Cameron, Brandon, Learnard, Thando, Omphemetse, Kalvin, Sthembiso, Siphe and Thoriso – check them out below…

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