Couples and Engagements

  • Hannes & Michelle

    Herewith my very first official shoot in South Sudan. I met Hannes and Michelle in Juba through mutual friends and wow – what a beautiful couple! I just love spending time with them. Hannes took us to this serene spot next to the Nile and it was GREEEEEEN! Barefeet and pure, it was evident that […]

  • Alexander & Theresa

    Don’t worry, all the graffiti used in this shoot is environmentally friendly – one burst of rain and the walls are clean again! But it was fun to watch Theresa get creative on the public park’s fence. This was a short-notice shoot that turned out lovely, we tried a variety of ideas and finished just […]

  • Stephanus & Nino

    One of the first ‘organised’ shoots I did… In the time when photographers and photographer’s assistants were still allowed to enter the proefplaas at the LC de Villiers sports grounds. But alas, those days are over, so sad… I’ve had the privilege to know these two peeps from making music together in the Sunday band all […]