Documentary Photos

  • Community Clean-up

    National NGO Confident Children out of Conflict (CCC) organised a day of helping to clean up parts of the community living in St. Mary’s graveyard in Juba, South Sudan. The children from CCC along with a group of South African volunteers went with the community moblizers to see how they can help to improve the […]

  • Suk-suk in South Sudan

    A small group of girls in Juba are learning how to create beautiful artworks by using pieces of carton boxes and thread as a base and then sowing fine beads into beautiful patterns. Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, as the idea emerges so the creativity continues. All of these girls are attending school and in their free […]

  • Skaters at City Hall

    Saturday around 11:00… first two guys… later another… still later four more… then come another 3… As the afternoon ripens the community of skaters grow at City Hall, or the Hall as it is better known. I was supposed to meet Cameron at 11:00 to get some cool shots but somehow we missed each other […]

  • Art Kitchen

    Initially, when I decided five years ago to move to Pretoria, I have to shamefully bow my head and admit that I had a very stereotypical picture of this place. Snorcity coloured my imagination. It didn’t take long for my horizon to be expanded way beyond the confines of my Loftus-ingrained judgements about rugby and […]