Photo Shoots

  • The Shaw Family

    This session was literally decided upon spontaneously about an hour before the shoot! What should have been two or three pictures in the parking lot turned into a fun and fast trip to the forest with the three-soon-to-be-four Shaws. Summer in the Boland still allowed us some lovely green which served as the perfect backdrop […]

  • Community Clean-up

    National NGO Confident Children out of Conflict (CCC) organised a day of helping to clean up parts of the community living in St. Mary’s graveyard in Juba, South Sudan. The children from CCC along with a group of South African volunteers went with the community moblizers to see how they can help to improve the […]

  • Suk-suk in South Sudan

    A small group of girls in Juba are learning how to create beautiful artworks by using pieces of carton boxes and thread as a base and then sowing fine beads into beautiful patterns. Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, as the idea emerges so the creativity continues. All of these girls are attending school and in their free […]

  • Hannes & Michelle

    Herewith my very first official shoot in South Sudan. I met Hannes and Michelle in Juba through mutual friends and wow – what a beautiful couple! I just love spending time with them. Hannes took us to this serene spot next to the Nile and it was GREEEEEEN! Barefeet and pure, it was evident that […]

  • Degenaar & Antoinette

    Ah… people who live in my heart. I had the absolute privilege of photographing my cousin, Antoinette’s wedding. Seeing the whole De Jager family give their blessing to their beloved daughter and sister, and her new life ahead with Degenaar, and feeling the warmth of the Beukes family, we were aware of a deep presence […]

  • Gerhard & Retha-Marie

    My husband and I drove many km’s for this wedding, only to repeat the same trip again one week later. But it was so worth it! The Midlands remain one of the most beautiful areas in our country. Rolling green hills. This was one of those pretty weddings where every table and all the decor […]

  • Team Glio

    I had the privilege of doing a shoot with the creative and innovative crew from Glio. I was preparing for something interesting, yet calm in the studio but they had colour up their sleeves! So after some ‘normal’ portraits and team shots at the Fire Station, we headed out to the hill for a rainbow […]

  • Andrew & Danja

    When it comes to weddings, the only thing I love more than a beautiful wedding is having that extra bonus of celebrating a beautiful wedding with some awesome friends! Danja and Andrew’s wedding was once again such an experience. An early morning picnic with lots of games, good food and a jumping castle for the ‘kids’ […]

  • Art Kitchen

    Initially, when I decided five years ago to move to Pretoria, I have to shamefully bow my head and admit that I had a very stereotypical picture of this place. Snorcity coloured my imagination. It didn’t take long for my horizon to be expanded way beyond the confines of my Loftus-ingrained judgements about rugby and […]

  • Du Plessis Family

    And there’s a new little girl in the family! This was our first studio shoot with the Du Plessis and they did so well considering the limited space in relation to their high levels of energy… Fun with the lights, fun with the hats, the scarves, the chairs, the sheets, the new baby, daddy and […]

  • Lereko & Kholo

    With the sun still sleeping and a deep mist over the river, guests started arriving bit by bit for this absolutely unique, blessed and eeeearly wedding. This was officially my earliest shoot to date. We arrived 04:00 for the shoot and around 06:00, with all the guests on board, we departed on a lovely houseboat […]

  • Alexander & Theresa

    Don’t worry, all the graffiti used in this shoot is environmentally friendly – one burst of rain and the walls are clean again! But it was fun to watch Theresa get creative on the public park’s fence. This was a short-notice shoot that turned out lovely, we tried a variety of ideas and finished just […]

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