South to South 3: Day 5


As the temperatures increased with every kilometer, our clothing became more and more uncomfortable.

17 October – Day 5 | Somewhere before Kabwe to Kasama | 780km

We hit the road at 06:20. We really pushed hard today and after 12 hours of traveling, our prospects of catching the ferry on time were looking good. The further North of Lusaka we travelled, the more beautiful we found the scenery. White sand replaced the red sand and all along the road were pretty homesteads. Trees decorated with mixtures of green, brown and red leaves gradually replaced the shrubs. The landscape reminded me of Tanzania all along the Tazara Express. We saw a lot of people in Zambia cycle as a means of transport – men, women and children. With the steadily rising temperatures, our clothes were becoming less and less comfortable. I still wore the big pants. Somewhere along the way I dropped the bladder and a truck destroyed the mothball-stinking mouthpeace. The GPS never officially worked after we crossed the SA border, but it picked up and identified the routes that we were on and that worked well enough. The biggest discovery we made today, was that our bluetooth headsets were working all along! Turns out I had simply positioned the earpiece in the wrong place and after adjusting it we could communicate clearly. This totally transformed our traveling experience.


Excuse me sir, are we still heading in the direction of Lake Tanganyika?




Beautiful autumn coloured leaves decorated the trees along the route through Zambia.

We reached Mpika with about two hours of sunlight left so we decided to head on to Kasama. The quality of the roads were great, however, as dusk descended lots of pedestrians and goats moved along close to the side of road so we had to stay sharp. It was a single road and red sand replaced the white once again. We struggled to find a campsite in Kasama, the police station grounds being the only option. We settled for a room at Sahalen Lodge – Your satisfaction is our pleasure. For a doublebed with ensuite bathroom we paid a scant 95 Kwacha. We ended the day with a delicious Breem fish and pap, perfectly prepared by Calvin. Bollywood set the tone on the reception tv and zebra print decor rounded off the perfect setting for a first-class experience.


Sahalen Lodge, Kasama.




No Breem.


Let him sleep for tomorrow he catches the ferry on time.

Tomorrow we board the M.V. Liemba. Deeply satisfied, we slept like babies.

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