Yashica City Skating Shoot

Last year I spent a weekend near Parys and walked its streets with my sister Linda and she introduced me to the wonderful secondhand and antique stores that lined the main street. I came across this beautiful old Yashica film camera with a 50mm 1:1.9 lens! I’ve been dreaming of learning how to properly use film cameras and this beauty stole my heart 🙂
On Tuesday, Madi and I joined Cameron for a few hours walking the streets from City Hall to Church Square and taking some film shots. Although a bit over exposed here and there, this was so wonderful I’m going to join Cameron and other skaters tomorrow for another day shooting action shots in the city. Unfortunately, with the help of Madi, I came to the sad sad utterly devastating realization that the very first film I put in the camera never hooked on……..!!! So these photies are the first I’ve officially done with this ‘new’ camera.
Back to Museum Park
For more photos from our Walk Through The City go to Good News Pretoria where I uploaded my digital pictures as well.
Wanga styling at the Fire Station

More photos will follow after our outing tomorrow! Thanks for a sweeeet outing Madi and Cameron. Check out Madi’s awesome fisheye pictures at PageThrough

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